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  1. MapleRose Retired Moderator Feb 24, 2012

    I'm looking to Revive which?waller, who's interested? =D

  2. Raffachan Sep 20, 2011

    New work :3
    Flowers Wall by Raffachan
    Flowers Wall by Raffachan

    merged: 02-11-2012 ~ 03:41pm
    Last "paint" works:

  3. luches Aug 19, 2011

    Walk with Fragments

  4. Raffachan Apr 23, 2011

    Hii, I've just subscrived in this group :3
    And I've just finished this work:

  5. aozoraskies Apr 08, 2011

    I remember wanting to be part of this group so much when I was a newbie. Funnily enough, I forgot all about this place until I was hanging around the Sandbox. Then, I recalled how much of a painting noob I was and how much I enjoyed the excellent tutorials here. Ah nostalgia.

    I'm not super awesome like some of the painting geniuses here, but I would like to join! Paint-o-rama is one of the reasons I worked hard on my painting. :3

  6. Nysha Feb 02, 2011

    Whoops, forgot to submit this here, lol.


  7. Yamionpu Jan 09, 2011

    My Latest Vector-Wall: Field of Love

  8. chanelqueen17 Dec 26, 2010

    Our latest Forever and For Always[collab with Ala21ddin21]

  9. Nuinui Dec 25, 2010


  10. chanelqueen17 Dec 22, 2010

    My latest : So close, yet so far away

  11. DarthTofu Nov 22, 2010

  12. chanelqueen17 Nov 09, 2010

    My latest

  13. Miitsuky Oct 29, 2010

    My Latest Vector-Wall: The Ideal Maid

  14. chanelqueen17 Oct 18, 2010

    My latest wall: Need a Ride?

    merged: 10-25-2010 ~ 04:34pm
    My Latest : Rise of the Phoenix

  15. DarthTofu Aug 29, 2010

  16. Miitsuky Aug 18, 2010

    My Latest Vector-Wall: (NOT)Hoping rain's stop

  17. luches Aug 18, 2010

    My Latest panted wall: Soul Reaper

  18. chanelqueen17 Aug 16, 2010

    My latest
    Fly me to the Moon

    merged: 08-17-2010 ~ 12:21pm
    my latest wall: Underneath the sakura tree

  19. Fran Retired Moderator Aug 09, 2010

    Lol, I should probably join this group since my latest walls are all painted 8d

  20. MapleRose Retired Moderator Aug 07, 2010

    I finally finished it! I think it was a request scan last year....

  21. chanelqueen17 Jul 15, 2010

    My Latest wall: Leisurely, spending time

  22. alterlier Jul 15, 2010

    its been such a while, nice to see that this group in special its still alive

  23. luches Jul 09, 2010

    My Latest wall: K-Mecha

  24. sailorchiron Jul 02, 2010

    The date/time stamp doesn't show up in the the text in white maybe?

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